Follow me around #1 : Niki de Saint Phalle's exhibition

   N'ayant pas beaucoup de temps j'aime bien profiter de mes vacances pour aller au cinéma ou à des expo. Je suis allée à l'exposition retrospective du travail de Niki de Saint Phalle au Grand Palais avec des amis et je ne peux que vous la conseiller ! Quel que soit votre âge et votre sexe vous vous sentirez forcément concerné par son travail. En effet, différents thèmes sont abordés : La ségrégation, la religion, le Sida, le féminisme. Tout cela avec une perspective exempte de toute trace de haine juste un grand désarroi face aux politiques raciales et sexistes du 20ème siècle et une forte envie de changer ces aspects de la société. Je ne vais pas vous en dévoiler beaucoup plus pour vous permettre de découvrir l'étendue de l'exposition par vous mêmes. Mais dépêchez-vous elle se termine le 2 février. 

   I do not have a lot of time so during the holidays I really enjoy going to the cinema or to exhibitions. I went to Niki de Saint Phalle's exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris and I absolutely LOVED it ! I really recommend going if you have the occasion tu go to Paris. Whatever your age or gender is I will feel touched. Indeed a lot of different themes are tackled : segregation, religion, Aids, feminism. All with a really touching and hateless vision. It only represents the helplessness of a women facing all these aspect of the 20th century with a strong desire to change the society she lives in. I won't say too much because I'd like you to discover the extent of the exhibition by yourselves !

Xoxo ♥ 

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Life resolutions and how to keep them

    So it's that time of the year again. No matter how much we despite this whole "new year new me" thing we all take resolution on an upcoming year. Most of you are probably like me ; you pretend you don't take any so that if you fail to keep them you won't be disappointed in yourself. But deep down you know you always want to improve and a new year is always a good time to do so. This year I decided to stop lying to myself and make the life thinking I had on January 1st into life resolutions that I won't drop in a week. 

    Stay Healthy. I know it sounds cliché but this year I decided to take better care of my body. Not only because I'd like to drop weight but because I am still young and I would like to enjoy this youth as much as possible. No matter how expensive your regenerating cream is, if you do not live a healthy life you will age. As far as I am concerned I plan on focusing on the quality of what I eat. By cutting down my fat and sugar intakes I will feel better in my body and I might clear up my skin (which is a huge insecurity of mine). But, even though it seems obvious, I have to make a point. It is OKAY to indulge sometimes. You can't live on a Gwyneth Paltrow diet. Ain't nobody got time for that (nor the money as a matter of fact). If you want to eat fries, chocolate, a piece of cake... Do so. You won't put 10lbs in a day (just as you won't lose 10lbs in a day). I do not agree with those food degrading persons. Food is not just fuel for your body. It's a pleasure. But now you just have to shift from beer to red wine (get the metaphor ?)

    Get more involved. My biggest flaw might be the fact that I never get a 100% involved in anything that I do. If you have this issue too here are my tips. First of all I need to plan everything out. I have a tendency to overestimate the length of a day but by making to-do lists I am sure to achieve at least half of my goals during the day. For blogging for instance I decided to post at least once a week (probably on Wednesday mornings). If you have a really busy schedule just like I do (29 hours of class each week + 6 hours of test and 20min oral tests) you definitely need to stop losing time. I allow myself to check Instagram three times a day, on my way to school, on my way back and before I go to sleep. I am a big series addict so if I know a new episode of my favorite show is coming out I cancel my breaks during the days so that I can take a longer one and watch Tv. But careful, don't be too hard on yourself, don't set unrealistic goals because not reaching them will depress you and that is not what we want is it ? 

    Get my general knowledge up. I love reading, I love going to the cinema, I love listening to music but I don't give myself the time to enjoy those aspects of life. I noticed that I'd rather go to a café with my friends for 3 hours than going to the cinema. I think that is the most stupid thing I could do. Your brain is a muscle, it gets weak when you don't train it. Culture opens us to a whole new word. First you'll feel better about yourself because you will feel more well-educated and then it is so delightful to wander in a museum for hours looking at the work of genius minded artists (oh, and anything that you learn can help you shine in fancy dinner parties ahah) wondering what they were thinking when they created the beautiful piece of art you are looking at. So I will read more, at least every night before I go to bed and I would like to go the the cinema and museum at least twice a month (I'm trying to stay realistic)

          So here were my life motos for 2015 (and every year that follows I hope) and my tips to stick to them. I hope this post helped you at least a little. I am really sorry I did not translate it in french but it would have turned into a reeeeaaaaaaally long post and duty was calling me (I am actually doing you a favor by helping you practice your english skills hehe).

Xoxo ♥ 

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2014 in 20 looks

   Voilà mon premier article de 2015 ! Le premier d'une longue série j'espère. Tout d'abord j'aimerais vous souhaiter à tous une merveilleuse année ; qu'elle ne vous apporte que bonheur, réussite et santé. Ensuite je sais que je suis un peu en retard mais je tenais vraiment à faire cet article récapitulative de mes looks de 2014. En particulier pour me rendre compte de mes changements que ce soit niveau look, physique, qualité photo etc. J'ai personnellement l'impression d'avoir changé (en tous cas je me suis coupée les cheveux de 20 bons cm) et j'aimerais réellement avoir votre avis. Laissez le moi dans les commentaires. 

  Here is my first 2015 post ! I hope the first of a very long series. First of all I would like to wish a beautiful year full of happiness, success and the most important : health. I know I am kind of late on this post but I really wanted to do a round up of my looks in 2014 since I wanted to see if I changed from my style and physical appearance to the quality of the pictures. I thinks there was a change (well I cut my hair way shorter and that was a big step for me) and I really would like to know what you think. Let me now in the comment section. 

Xoxo ♥ 

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