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   First, I was going going to be sarcastic about the fact that finals week starts in 5 days and that it is driving me nuts. But then, I took a minute to think and realized that some people actually lose their minds over the student and adult life in general. The facts are shocking, in France, suicide is the second cause of death for people between 18 and 25 and the FIRST cause of death for people aged between 25 and 34. Transitioning from childhood to being a teenager is hard and the transition between being a teenager and adulthood is just as hard if not more. Indeed you might experience all kinds of material and psychological issues. It's a time where you really change but not physically , you grow up, you might face financial issues, you have a lot of work, you don't know what the future will look like. All of this is really stressful. Everyone does not feel suicidal, it's true but I also learnt that in France 30% of students end up developing a mental health issue like addictions, eating disorders, anxiety before they graduate college. 
 So, what's the point of this post ? First of all, to raise awareness. These are illnesses, not just people being overly sensitive or stressed out. It's as much of an illness as cancer since it can threaten once life. Then, I'd like to talk about the attitude to have towards people having mental illnesses. Don't treat them like they're sick, but don't forget that they are. We can only do so much to help our friends or relative with such a situation, we are not experts but there are so things that everyone can do : 

Be kind 
Be tolerant 
Listen to what they have to say 
Don't minimize what they are going through

Maybe to you this will all seem obvious and thank god, but I've noticed, especially on social media, that mental illnesses are really not being understood and since cyber bullying is on the rise I thought that sharing these tips to go by in the real life and behind a screen could be helpful. 


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Essentials for a night out

    Small purses are really cute and really convenient to carry around when going out but we always complain about the fact that there is no room for all the, most often useless, stuff we carry around. Well I solved the problems for you by selecting what you (or at least I) really need for a night out. 

Phone. This one seems pretty obvious but it's actually more important that you could think. It's nice to be able to selfie during a party but I really think that a phone is needed for safety. Unfortunately we live in a world where girls are targets. If you leave early, you need your phone to stay in touch with your friends so they can make sure you got home safe. If you loose them it's really convenient to find them. And, I hope you never have to, but don't leave your phone home in case you need to call the police. And make sure your phone is charged before you take off for a crazy night. 

Wallet. This is almost as important as your phone. Find a wallet that fits in your purse and fill it only with what you might use during the night. Namely you ID, your credit card and a little bit of cash. That way you won't loose them by looking for something in your bag and dropping them on the floor. 

Lipstick. This might not be as important for everyone but I really often wear lipstick out and I think there is nothing as sloppy as an almost worn of lipstick. So pick a color, and take your lipstick for touch ups. 

Paracetamol. If you're prone to headaches or just in a very loud environnement this can be a life saver. With alcohol, dancing and loud music the chances of getting a headache in the middle of the night is really high. Warning : be really careful of the amount of alcool you drink when you take paracetamol. If you take to much of both you can end up with serious health issues. 

Gum. This one is not very important but it's essential for me. If you go out for dinner or just drink and dance and sweat all night long your mouth might get dehydrated and therefore your breath won't smell like a fresh flower. A little gum will never hurt nobody. 


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3 steps to perfect straight hair

    I'm all for being natural and accepting what you were born with but from time to time it can be nice to have a little change. I have curly hair and most days I'm really glad I do. But I also like straightening it from time to time. Putting heat on your hair can be really damaging so I thought I would share my tips for minimizing those damages. 

Protection. Heat can do a lot of damage ! Your hair's internal moisture flees, its chromophores begins to break down and the surface of your hair breaks down too (and causes split ends for instance). To avoid that just use a heat protective spray. Honestly, I checked on the internet and they pretty much all work the same way and are as efficient. So you definitely don't need to splurge on a fancy one. Spray it on your hair before using the flat iron and brush it through. 

The Flat Iron. This you can splurge on because it obviously is the most important part of the hair straightening process. Mine is a ceramic flat iron that was very nicely sent to me by Irresistible Me. I was so pleased with the technology of the device because it maintains the moisture and the shine of the natural hair (because of it's fancy crushed diamond particles mixed to tourmaline). The best part though is how fast t straightens your hair. I have thick and curly hair and I managed to straighten my whole head in less than half an hour ! 

Extra Moisture. Even if you use a heat protective spray and a great flat iron you will loose some moisture in your hair. But you can easily compensate by using any kind of hair oil afterwards. However don't use any oil on your roots, you wouldn't want to end up with greasy hair after all your hard work. 

     I hope this helped some of you who were confused on how to straighten your hair the right way and for those who don't own a flat iron go check irresistibleme.com and get 20% off your first order ! 


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