Black bootie obsession

    You may or may not have noticed that I have a serious case of black-bootie addiction. Every year I buy a pair or two and my friends always make fun of me. But let's be real here, what is best than a pair of black booties ? They match every single outfit and they prove that beauty comes in all shape and size! Indeed, to me these four favorites pairs of mine are extremely different and versatile ! I'm going to go more in depth of each one in order of appearance 

Les petites parisiennes : I bought these shoes almost two years ago and they have been such a great pair ! They probably are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I know they look really worn out but I don't mind because I actually think they give a really nice grungy vibe to any outfit. 

Nastygal : Those shoes I have had for more than two years and they still look awesome (in my opinion) since Nastygal item's quality is excellent. They made their first appearance on my blog here and I have not stopped wearing them since. They might not be as comfortable as the previous pair but I can easily wear them to school. 

H&M : This pair is the newest addition to my collection. When I saw them I fell in love but thought that since it is from H&M they would be really uncomfortable and get ruined really fast. It turns out that they are perfectly bearable for a party or even a short day at school. I think they look really elegant and the bonus point is that one can dress them up or down. 

Asos : Aaah Asos, what a heaven on the internet. I was looking for chunky boots like the Vagabond ones for a really long time when I stumbled upon this pair. Since I couldn't get myself to pay more than 150€ for a Vagabond pair I thought these were the perfect alternative. They look just as nice and are really comfortable. 

Xoxo ♥ 

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Everyday makeup routine

    Les jours où j'ai suffisamment de détermination pour ressembler à un être humain et non pas un zombie voilà en quoi consiste ma routine maquillage. J'ai beaucoup travaillé sur cette video et j'espère qu'elle vous plaira. Je sais bien qu'elle n'est pas parfaite, je ne maîtrise pas encore imovie suffisamment bien donc je compte sur vous pour me donner des conseils sur le montage et la manière de filmer. 

    On the days when I feel like looking like a human being and not an angry zombie this is the makeup that I put on my face. I worked really hard on this video as it is completely out of my comfort zone so I hope you will like it. Obviously it is nowhere near perfection since I have not mastered the art of Imovie yet. That is why I hope you'll give me your advice on how I should edit and film the next ones.

Xoxo ♥ 

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5 makeup items I can't live without

Concealer : Maybelline ♥  Eye liner : Soap&Glory ♥  Mascara : Lancôme ♥  Lipstick : Lancôme 

    Well, that title is a little bit of a lie since I definitely can live without any makeup but let's say that those are the ones I would choose if I had to pick only five makeup items. These products are perfect if you are young and not allowed to wear a lot of makeup (don't use them all at once obviously), if you are a makeup newby or if you only want to get the essentials and good quality ones. 

     Concealer. I don't wear any foundation or bb cream so concealer is the best for me. With only one product I can cover my under eye circles, my spots, and I can even out my eyelids. I know some of you will trade the concealer for full coverage foundation but you shouldn't. I have skin issues, a lot, so I know how it feels, how insecure one can feel. But you could not do anything worse to your skin than wear foundation all the time. It ages it, it gives you more breakout and lets be honest here... Most people end up orange. So it's time for a life change girls. Besides, concealer is less expensive than foundation. Mine is from Maybelline and is absolutely perfect !

     Eye liner. You might think "wait, I thought this makeup kit was good for beginners... No one can apply eye line easily !". Well guys this is a youtube "beauty guru" legend. I am far from being a makeup specialist and I can put on some eye liner. Obviously it's more difficult than putting mascara on but once you get the technic you'll do it in less than a minute. For me, eye line is better than khôl because it doesn't smudge (unless you rub it off of course) and it looks way classier and glamorous (with eye liner one pictures Audrey Hepburn, with khôl one pictures Taylor Momsen ). 

     Mascara. I could not explain why but I just feel like no makeup looks finished if there is no mascara. This one is my current favorite but I also love Perversion by Urban Decay and They're Real by benefit. I don't really like drugstore mascaras as I feel they dry out sooner and they are less gentle on the lashes. But if you have a good one please tell me so I can try it out... because these products are way too expensive. 

     Eyelash curler. This one is absolutely not necessary at all in a makeup bag. I like to use one because my lashes are full but they are not long nor curled. When I curl my lashes I look much more awake and the combo with my current mascara is just perfect. It makes my lashes look amazing. 

     Lipstick. My preference goes to red lipstick. I have a ton of them and to me they all are different (to my dad and brother I'm a monomaniac but whatever) but I know it might not be everyone's cup of tea. The point is that you need at least one great quality lipstick, with a shade that really suits you and makes you feel good about yourself, that's all. Besides, lipstick can be very convenient especially on Monday mornings when you are still hungover from Saturday night and don't feel like doing your makeup. Just put on your red lipstick and it will act as a distraction. No one will notice those tired blood injected eyes, I promise. 

Xoxo ♥ 

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