Under a hundred : back to school (2)

  Here I am back with another back to school outfit proposal for under a hundred euros. I think about my dear fellows who are not lucky enough to have and endless summer. In Paris for instance this is usually a more appropriate outfit for back to school than this outfit. I am still in the black and white vibe because I think that it is what will fit the majority's taste better. In these posts I am not trying to make a statement but to offer outfits that anyone could wear and not only to fashion week. I found you some grate deals on those clothes and guess what : All this is under a hundred euros ! 

Sweater : Asap Paris , 34,30€
Pants : Topshop , 20€
Shoes :H&M , 12,99€
Bag : Urban Outfitters , 32€

Colorful walls

Top : Brandy&Melville  ♥  Pants : Topshop  ♥  Shoes : Asos  ♥  Bag : Monoprix  ♥ Sunnies : Aldo  ♥  Necklace : Dorothy Perkins

   I am writing these lines as I am having the most breathtaking view on the leaning tower of Pisa. I am in Italy right now, having some great time (and great food) with my family. As from September, I will live alone in a city where I know no one. So I try to cherish these family moments because I know I will miss them as hell next year and every year after since there is no coming back home plan. I'm leaving once and for all. These pictures were taken in London. In Camden Town more precisely. We found all that I love : colored houses and amazing drawings on the walls. I am glad I got to take pictures in front of these amazing graffitis; as we were living we saw men painting over them cursing the artists "responsible" for this. I wish you all a great month of August, enjoy your last weeks (or days?) of holiday.

Xoxo ♥  

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Under a hundred : Back to school

     I know it is still July (not for long though) but let's face it, back to school is upon us. As much as one claims to hate this time of the year one must not fool oneself. Back to school is always full of excitement. Maybe a new school, new friends, new challenges... To me this September will be the most challenging back to school season I have ever faced (and I'm a professional at back to school, I've been doing that for 16 years straight ahah). I'm moving to another city, I'm going to live alone and I am going to a new school. It's literally a new life. With this post I hope to help inspire those of you who don't know what to wear. I made this selection for those who live in warmer places. A cold version is planned for the month of August. I hope it helps you ! And I wish you all a great back to school season.

Skirt : Topshop , 38€
Sweater : Nastygal , 16,80 €
Shoes : Asos , 15,99€
Bag : Asos , 26,99 €

Total : 97,78 €   


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