5 books everyone should read

   Reading is one of the most important and elevating activities one can do. Indeed, it develops one's imaginations, vocabulary, grammar and it gives one of the best feelings in the world, the feeling of escaping. To me reading is mandatory but it's not a chore. Reading is like working out, it can be a pain at the beginning but you end up enjoying it when you find the type that suits you. I know people like really different kind of books but I decided to share with you 5 of my favorite books that shaped my way of thinking and that I think everyone could learn of. 

The Trial, Kafka. The whole book revolves around the unknown incrimination of the main character. It sets a really strange and disturbing atmosphere because of how absurds it seems to incriminate someone without ever telling him (or the reader) what his crime is. It is actually really frustrating not to get any answers to the main character's questions but I also think it is a really great way to get the reader to think and get his own idea about bureaucracy, morality, social interactions and humanity in general. 

Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Garcia Marquez. The main question at the core of the novella is how, as the title says it, someone's death was foretold but nothing was made to prevent it. This book to me is as paradoxical as it can get since we're talking about a murder that was predicted in advance. The questioning is not only about the way a predicted murder can happen but also about the village's collective responsibility in the character's death. 

The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Kundera. Like many books written by such talented and smart authors I think it is really difficult to come up with a single conclusion not only between people but also to ourselves. Through the eyes of artists and intellectual during Prague Spring and its aftermath, Kundera posits the idea that everyone only lives once and that what they live will never happen again, thus the "lightness of being". But the word lightness (and its opposite) will also apply to many aspects of the characters lives and thematics of the book in general. This is the kind of book that really makes you think about how you see life and how you see YOUR life. Asking yourself weather your being is light or weighted down wether it is in your personal life, in your way of being and so on. 

The Plague, Camus. I won't tell you what the book is about because I really think everyone should understand the point in their own way. But how can tell you the impact this book had on me. First of all it's one of the fews that made me cry. Camus' way of writing and describing is so intense you feel everything in your bones. It's this book that made me wanna change things and stop being a partisan of the wait and see policy.

Lord of the Flies, Golding. This is honestly the more traumatizing book I have ever read. Though there are some parts that I found nerve racking I wouldn't say it's a scary book. What is scary is actually the terrible life lesson you get from it. Maybe some people wouldn't think it is a great picture of society because of how cynical the book is but I don't. To me this book is the perfect analysis of the violent society we live and the fact that the authors shows that through children is even more intense. 


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My Festival Essentials

    I know Coachella is over but let's be honest here, being the most instagrammable festival doesn't mean it is the best. And whether it is the best or not there are plenty of festivals coming in the next few months so I thought I would share my essentials with you (if you do not camp).

Water. It might seem silly because "you can get water everywhere" but it is not. Always have a bottle with you that you can fill in the toilet (they often say that the water isn't drinkable but I assure you it's just fine) because festival drinks are always extremely expensive and in the sun and heat it's really important to stay hydrated. It will avoid headaches, dizziness and nausea.

Sweater. You might be dripping with sweat during daytime but the nights are often more chilly so keep a sweater (and eventually a pair of leggings) with you. It does't take muck place in your back or you can tie it around your waist and it will be a life saver. 

Food. Being in a place for 8 to 10 hours a day dancing and jumping around makes people hungry. Just like water the food they sell there might seem delicious but is sooo expensive. So take a shit tone of food to share with your friends (doesn't need to be healthy food don't worry).

Bandaids. For obvious reasons. And you might wanna add some medication for headaches or sore throats as well as tissue. 

Phone charger. Festival are often huge so you might lose your friends eventually. Make sure at least two people have their phones fully charged. A phone charger is really important since phone batteries don't last very long if you use the camera or internet or actually, for iPhone, if you use it point blank. 


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Top : Bershka  Shorts : Vintage ♥ Shoes : Zara  Sunnies : Urban Outfitters

   I promise, these are the last pictures I share from my trip to Paradise (aka South of France). It might not be as fancy as Hawaii or the Bahamas or even Cannes or St Tropez but who needs fancy when you have a gorgeous scenery, great friends, charcuterie and wine ? I feel so privileged in my life. I am lucky enough that I am 20 years old, I don't make a living and I can still go on holiday in a beautiful house (owned by one of my friend's family) in a beautiful place and with amazing people. I think it is extremely important to acknowledge how lucky we are and be grateful. I know horrible stuff can happen to great people, I know one can have issues, I know everything is not always rainbows and unicorns but most of us (I mean the people who have access to a computer or something as obvious as running water) are already extremely lucky. 

I took a test yesterday (thanks BuzzFeed for keeping me entertained). It is a series of questions that will determine how privileged one is. I really think everyone should take this test, it really does put things in perspective (spoiler alert : seems like being a straight, white, educated man is the top of the social food chain, too bad for the other 96% of us). Here is the link to the test, I really think everyone should take it. 


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