How to be fearless when you're full of fears

   Ph T.Retterath

     Because of Paris attacks I didn't feel like posting anything last week, it felt to superficial. But today I really think that this post is more timely than ever. I had planed to write it long before November 13th but considering the recent events I think that it couldn't be more timely. I was supposed to write about confidence, and I will but first I have a statement to make. 
     Maybe the title of this post is wrong it should not be "how to be fearless" but "how to appear fearless". Appearing fearless is completely accurate right now. We're all afraid, we've been attacked (I'm not just referring to french people but every single place that has been stricken by Isis) and the temptation of hiding in our homes is big but it's a mistake. Being afraid is normal, but we can't give them the satisfaction of seing us stopping our lives because of them. Being brave is about overcoming our fears. It's sad to say but I only hope that neither my friends or my family will end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. There's nothing more we can do besides living our lives and paying for them. 
      Now we can get to the part where I share my tips to feel more confident when you perfectly know you are not.

Lie to yourself. Yep that does sound stupid but it actually works. When you repeat something to yourself enough times you end up believing it. That's how I did it about my height. I used to be so self conscious but by pretending that I wasn't I ended up not being. Now, I couldn't care less. Try to tell yourself 10 times a day that you're awesome and have it all under control. It will work I promise.

Get out of your comfort zone. It might seem really difficult for people whose comfort zone is so small that just going out jeopardizes it but it's worth it. Step out of this so called comfort zone and be bold. After you get many compliments on how you did your makeup or what great idea you had during a meeting you'll see how rewarding it is and it will boost your self confidence.

Pamper. If you want to be confident in public you first need to be confident in private. Take care of yourself. It's so much easier to feel confident when you feel good in and out. Eat good foods (treat yourself if it makes you feel good), have a face mask, do your nails, read a nice book... Once you're pleased with your inside and outside it's time to show the world how badass you are.

Work hard. This is not about physical confidence (though you can work hard at the gym) but intellectual confidence. You can't expect to have conversation or pass a test if you don't work. The brain is a muscle that needs its gym time too. And honestly studying is way easier than working out. Culture yourself too, go to the cinema, read a book, get interested in everything from how the univers is expanding to the lives of snails. Once you feel confident in what you know you're ready to have great conversations with people weather it is at work, school or a party. 

Xoxo ♥ 

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Into the woods

Shirt : Zara ♥  Dress : H&M ♥  Shoes : Vagabond

   I used to hate fall as much as I hated winter, but this year I had the chance of experiencing a warm fall season and oh my god how nice it feels when there's a beautiful sunlight that shines on those gorgeous crispy colorful leaves. I know that our warm weather is caused by global warming and it's really messing with nature but how can you not appreciate long walks in the woods without having to wear 23 coats of clothing on you ? Walking surrounded with such splendid lighting is so peaceful and calming. I feel so thankful for living in such nice place, I will definitely never get enough of it. 


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Winter is coming

Sweater : Urban Outfitters  ♥ Skirt : H&M

   I know, for some people it might be too soon for the good old "brace yourself, winter is coming" (every game of throne addict will get that) but here in France we are enjoying our last few days before the sun disappears for 6 months or so (I am slightly exaggerating). Anyways I wanted to show you this sweater because it might be the most comfortable thing I've ever owned. It is very warm and especially not itchy. I've kinda been living in it these past couple of weeks (I wash it though).


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