5 things to do this summer (in your own city)

   Summer is here and with sun, tanning and fun also comes boredom. Indeed I know some people are not lucky enough to get out of their town during the holidays. That's why I came up with 5 things one can do when bored.

Read : Reading should be an all-year round activity yet I know time is often missing. During your holiday when you don't know what to do, grab a book, sit at a café or in a park and enjoy the escape that reading provides you. You'll relax, develop your imagination and enjoy the summer warmth. 

Get lost : Most of the time we think we know our city inside out. Well I'm pretty sure there are many neighborhoods you've never been to. Choose an underground or bus stop you've never stopped at and go for a walk. See where it brings you. 

Workout : Each new year we all swear to ourselves a more healthy lifestyle. But once you sober up you just forget about it. And when comes summer you try to lose 20 lbs in a week. Instead prepare next summer by working out when you have nothing else to do. It will occupy you and you'll feel good and proud of yourself ! "Just do it"

Bestie day : This might seem simple-minded yet I think that having some quality time with your best friend is absolutely necessary. You don't even need to spend money. Just hang around together, go out, walk for a bit then have a home made spa night. These are the moments that will bring you together for life.

Culture : Go the the museum or the cinema. This will at least occupy half your day. And I am 100% sure you will escape. There are so many great movies and exhibitions to go to and if you are smart you can get low priced tickets. For instance, most of the time the ticket is less expensive if you go to the first projection of the day. 

I hope this post helped you, and I wish you all an amazing summer !

Xoxo ♥ 

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Under a hundred : Fancy summer night out

   Aujourd'hui j'aimerai vous présenter une série à laquelle j'ai pensée récemment. J'aimerai vous présenter (environ 1 fois par mois) une tenue complète pour moins (strictement inférieure) de 100€. Je sais que ça peut sembler toujours cher mais j'essaye de vous présenter des articles de qualité et versatiles. Vous pouvez mettre cette robe, comme présentée ici pour sortir mais aussi la rendre plus "casual" avec des speakers et une veste en jean oversized. J'espère que la tenue vous inspirera et je vous met les liens plus bas

   Today I'd like to introduce a new series on my blog. Each month or so I'd like to build an outfit for literally less than a 100 €. I know it still might seem expensive for a single outfit but I try to choose articles that are good quality and versatile. For instance, you can dress this dress down by wearing it with sneakers and an oversized jean jacket. See what I mean ? I hope you'll get inspired and I'll leave all the clothes details below. 

Xoxo ♥ 

  Dress : Nastygal (42,26€)
  Shoes : Asos (22,99€)
  Bag :  Zara (19,95€)
  Necklace : Forever21 (6,23€)
  Total : 91,43 €

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Back (and with a friend)

Mathieu : Sweater: Sandro ♥ Pants: Izac ♥ Shoes: Stan Smith 
Camille : Top: Aéropostale ♥ Kimono: Primark ♥ Pants: Topshop ♥ Shoes: Nastygal

      Et me revoilà ! Avec un ami qui plus est ! Après cette (très) longue période d'examens et concours je suis de retour, devant la grille du petit palais accompagné de mon ami Mathieu. Nous avons pris ces photos en attendant l'heure d'entrée pour l'exposition Jean Paul Gaultier (au Grand Palais) dont je vous parle très bientôt.

     Here I am again ! And with a friend. After this (really) long and exhausting exam period I am finally back, in front of the Petit Palais accompanied with my dear friend Mathieu. We took these pictures while waiting for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition (at the Grand Palais) to start. I will talk about this very soon

Xoxo ♥ 

PS: I just found out that Bloglovin.com has put my blog under "adult content" and it is not findable anymore. I hope it is a mistake but I would not be surprised if it is because of my Where's the nipple at ? post. I wouldn't be surprises but it would be unacceptable. I hope to hear from them soon

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